When running a business, we may encounter a lot of problems with obtaining additional funds. Many banks grant corporate cash loans only after 12 months of the existence of the company, assuming that it brings revenues at the level specified by the bank. In the case of start-up companies, entrepreneurs have huge problems with obtaining any loan. In such situations, Huso’s online business loan can be the solution.

Huso business loan is an innovative approach to small and medium entrepreneurs who are just starting their own business, as well as for those who value speed and convenience. To be able to apply for a quick online loan for companies, all you need is your owner’s ID. Huso does not require documents confirming the registration of business activities, nor bank statements from company accounts. The loan application must include your personal data and address of residence. The company only requires very general information about our financial obligations and basic data about our business.

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Huso provides loans to companies on clear terms. Before we can complete the application, we must choose the amount we want to borrow and the loan period. Loans for companies at Huso are granted from PLN 1,100 to even PLN 10,000 with the option of spreading the liability over a maximum of 24 months. After choosing the amount that interests us, we are informed about the costs arising from borrowing funds. Only the next step is to go to the loan form.

We will receive a decision on our application form Huso within a maximum of one hour. Information on the processing of the application is sent to us as it is in the case of private loans online, namely by text and e-mail

We can apply for a corporate loan at Huso even if we already have other liabilities, such as a cash loan. However, it should be remembered that the company verifies its borrowers in the register of debtors, and economic activity should be registered in Poland. It is worth noting that Huso allows its clients to obtain funds in three ways – by bank transfer, GIRO check or postal order.

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